OUR STORY Milestone. #YourGoalAhead

In the year 1947 the companies founder Hans Schöttl left Bärndorf-Rottenmann to complete an apprenticeship with the company Maierl in Irdning. Maierl was already widely known for their ski, the "Planner Ski".

After successfully completing his apprenticeship, he went on to work for the ski manufacturers Kästle Hohenems and Hagan Antiesenhofen and in 1964/65 turned down an offer in America to manage the manufacturing of skis from the saw mill to the finished product in order to establish a pension and guest house on the Planneralm. The ground floor of the building was quickly made into a small store which was opened on the 24.12.1965 and on the same day received their first guests.

In 1971 Ski Hans set up a small work shop in his private house in Irdning to repair and service skis. Due the the local demand for his skills this work shop was soon developed into a small ski shop.

As a result of the growing popularity the business gained, the shop was renovated again and became the perfect sales shop. During this period the top reputation of Ski Hans as a service man grew and in addition to his handy skills he also developed the first fully automatic private ski service machine.  

Especially in Ried with the ski manufacturer Fischer was Ski Hans a well welcomed guest and here he developed a life long relationship with the company.

Ski Hans was very quick in realising the trend of holiday apartments and in 1980 rebuilt the guest house, this development also allowed him to concentrate more on the two ski businesses.

As son Peter Schöttl returned from overseas he joined in on the family business. After his involvement in the business the selection of productsavailable in the sport shop would soon grow. In addition to winter sporting goods items from all year sports would complete the range of products on offer in Irdning and the Planneralm.

A renovation of the holiday apartments followed in 1995 which would see the number of beds increase to 30.  

In the course of sons Peter Schöttl's take over of the sport shop and holiday apartments the location in Irdning grew to its current size of 450 m².

The latest of renovations took place in 2009, in just 3 months the entire holiday house was reconstructed and its guest capacity was increased to 70 beds.

The successful on going existence and modernisation of the company Schöttl has been secured by joining SPORT 2000 Austria.

The store location in Irdning has 450 m² and the shop on the Planneralm offers 170 m² for sporting goods and service. Both branches are modernly equipped and offer jobs for seven employees from the surrounding region. 

Both shops offer more than just sporting equipment, service plays a major roll in our business. In addition to ski service with a fully automatic machine, repairs and service of bikes and a tennis stringing service, our friendly and qualified sales team are always ready to assist with their know-how and experience.